Crypto Price

The price of bitcoin
Bitcoin’s strong price is above $ 10,000 resistance and above $ 10,200. BTC / USD traded at a new high of 2020, near $ 10,450, and is currently consolidating revenue. Initial support on the savings side is close to $ 10,200. There is now a huge support of $ 10,000.
In turn, the $ 10,450 level is the initial resistance. Home resistance is close to $ 10,500 USD, above which the price can rise sharply to $ 10,850 and $ 11,000.

Offer price
The Ethereum price performed well and rose sharply to $ 230 after breaking resistance. ETH / USD rose 15% and even traded below $ 250. If there were more jumps, the bulls were likely aiming for $ 265.
In terms of decline, initial support is around $ 246. The main support is $ 242 below which there is a risk of reducing the support to $ 230 (last break area).

Bitcoin cash price, Lithuania and XRP
Bitcoin’s cash price finally managed to clear the resistance level at $ 455 and $ 460. BCH / USD rose 8% to $ 470. It looks like the price will continue to rise at the $ 500 checkpoint. In contrast, the price may support between $ 460 and $ 455 if a decline is observed.
Litecoin is back at $ 75.00 resistance and it even traded at a new 2020 high. The LTC / USD is trading at $ 78.50 and is likely to exceed the $ 80.00 resistance in the near term. In terms of decline, recent resistance reached $ 75.00.
The price of XRP rises above resistance level, $ 0.278 and $ 0.284. It trades at $ 0.290 resistance, which may rise above $ 0.300. If there is a new drop, the $ 0.284 and $ 0.280 levels are at a decent level of support.
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Currently another market for Altcoins has been sold
Over the past three sessions, many small discounted alcoholics have gained more than 15%, including HBAR, LUNA, CKB, XTZ, XEM, BCN, GNT, LINK, BEAM, CENNZ, VET and DGD. Of these, HBAR stabilized by about 140% and Luna by almost 30%.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is constantly rising and rising above $ 10,200. If the BTC / USD exceeds the $ 10,500 resistance, you may be looking at the $ 11,000 resistance zone in the near future.


Beauty of belaga



The district of Belaga is one of the most remote and largest districts of Sarawak with an area of ​​19,403.27 square kilometers, where the Hydro Bakun megaproject (BHP) is located. BHP is expected to supply cheap electricity to the country and even propose that it be exported to neighboring countries such as Brunei, Indonesia and even Thailand.
The District of Belaga is part of the Sarawak Renewable Energy Corridor (SCORE), which covers an area of ​​70,000 km2.

The beauty of belaga
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Belaga beauty lies in its isolation. It is located in front of the well-traveled tourist walk and accessibility to Belaga, also called the Heart of Borneo, due to its fauna and flora found there, has been quite limited until today. There lies the biggest asset of Belaga; She is a virgin and her charms remain intact by the tourism industry.
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The most spectacular places in Belaga, as in Usun Apau, are in its inner nature, where nature is at its best, without being disturbed by any tourist activity. Accessibility to these parts is by road, log road, air or river. Here, the mountains covered with green dominate the horizon. Occasionally, a waterfall falls down a cliff, catching the sun’s rays in the process and forming a rainbow. Below, the ubiquitous rivers move at lightning speed, forming rapids as they make their way through the rocks.
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As the largest district of Sarawak and located in the remote center of Sarawak, Belaga encompasses within its boundaries some of the richest forests in the world, one of the important archaeological finds in Malaysia and some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. In fact, it would be difficult to find another area in the world that has so much diversity in nature, people and culture in an orderly package.
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The largest artificial lake in Borneo

The Belaga district is also the largest water catchment area in Southeast Asia when the Bakun Hydro Dam project ends sometime in 2011, which supplies 2400 mw of electric power. The artificial lake will extend along the upper Balui River, the Murum River, the Linau River and many medium-sized rivers and streams that will form a lake that is larger than the island of Singapore.
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Immediately beyond the artificial lake, visitors can see beautiful mixed forests of lowland dipterocarps, with fallen trees protruding from the rivers. River transport is the main mode of communication here. The rivers flow quickly and during dry periods, the water level drops a lot and visitors can enjoy the spectacular nature of the landscapes.

Beyond the wealth that Belaga derives from its land, however, there are its people, its richest asset. Its numerous ethnic groups, more than 15 in total and that is only the official figure, combine to give Belaga its own uniqueness. The result is a colorful stew of culture, heritage and tradition.

Native populance

Almost 100% of the district’s population are Orang Ulu ethnic groups (Orang Ulu means inland people) consisting of Kenyah, Kayan, Penan, Punan, Kejaman, Lahanan, Sekapan, Tanjung, Ukit, Seping, Lisum and Sihan. Other minorities of bumiputera are the Chinese Iban, Malay and non-bumiputera that form a total population of approximately 30,000 people.

Orang Ulu, which consists of many tribes in Belaga, has the most colorful costumes. In most of the long houses in Belaga, you will find ornaments and accessories, which have been inherited from their descendants, proudly displayed and jealously guarded by the owners. The ability to work with accounts, transmitted from generation to generation, has resulted in a kaleidoscopic variety of colors and designs in their crafts. The important role that the Kalaos play in the daily life of the Orang Ulu also comes alive in their most popular Orang Ulu dances. Dancers grab clusters of feathers in their hands and imitate a bird in flight, throwing and flying. The movements are funny and fluid.

Accompaniment music is provided by sape, which is one of the most popular musical instruments in Borneo. A four-string lute instrument produces a rich and delicate tone. It is made and carved from a single tree trunk. Traditionally, the four strings are made of split rotatan. Today, steel cables are used. The costumes are elaborated again. The rich trinket of the Orang Ulu adds a colorful dimension to the dance.

The small town of Belaga is located at the confluence of the Belaga River and the Balui River. About 37 km beyond and upstream of Balui is the Bakun hydroelectric dam. The Bakun hydroelectric dam is located at the confluence of the Bintulu-Bakun highway and the Sibu-Kapit-Belaga-Bakun express ship layer route along the Rejang river, the longest river in Malaysia. This location gives Belaga an advantage as a very strategic point as an ecotourism center in the heart of Borneo.

Concerned access

Fast access and an efficient transport network is the basic component of a successful destination. Belaga has quite good road access from neighboring countries such as Brunei and Kalimantan Borneo. While it is good to have a ready market at hand, regional cross-border traffic has its limitations due to its nature and size.

Air access to Sarawak is also a pretty good component of the system that has a great impact on Belaga as a destination. The location and juxtaposition of one destination to another are factors that contribute to travel patterns. Sarawak is divided by the South China Sea from Peninsular Malaysia by hundreds of miles. Belaga, in the heart of Borneo, so to speak, is isolated in the heart of Borneo. Travelers going to Kuala Lumpur can disperse to destinations within the peninsula of Malaysia on a direct flight to Bintulu through Kuching; Travelers who land in Singapore can go to Belaga by direct flight from Singapore through Kuching and tourists to Bangkok can go to Belaga by direct flight through Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to Kuching. Tourists from Kota Kinabalu can come to Belaga by direct flight to Miri or Bandar Sri Begawan and then proceed to use ground transportation to Belaga or Bakun.

Domestic air access is another important factor for the destination. Belaga has its airfield since colonial times, which is a few kilometers downstream from the small town of Belaga. The frequency of access to domestic air service is quite low. Arrivals in Belaga are mainly by river and road, although there is an alternative route by air.


Within the domestic market, tourism in Belaga is still in its infancy, which is growing steadily and aggressively with the opportunity to establish the basis for planning and developing a sustainable industry. The heart of Borneo is free of the spoils of tourist stampedes and can learn from the mistakes of other districts or states of Malaysia. Feel free to contact us at



Hotels in North Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach is a beautiful city located in Horry County, South Carolina. The city of Myrtle Beach is known for its elegant 60-mile chain of quiet, sandy beaches called & # 39; Grand Strand & # 39 ;.

The birthplace of South Carolina's state of dance, the fluff and home of Vanna White, North Myrtle Beach, is just a couple of hours drive from historic day destinations like Charleston, SC and Wilmington, NC .

The city is divided into five beaches called Cherry Grove, Tilghman, Ocean Drive, Cresent Beach and Windy Hill, from north to south.

The beautiful Myrtle Beach is an important tourist destination along the South Atlantic coast of the United States, widely known for its wide beaches, large selection of challenging Myrtle Beach golf courses, excellent seafood restaurants, Myrtle hotels Beach, holiday homes in Myrtle Beach and outlet. style shopping activities. The city attracts more than 14 million visitors a year.

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On vacation with a budget


There is no denying that the economy is bad and that the current situation is taking its toll on many Americans. But does this mean that your life has to stop? Does this mean you have to stay in all day and save your money? Of course, no. You can still have fun even if the economy is going through a bad time. Believe it or not, vacationing with a budget is more than possible.

Some people do not know the concept of cheap vacations. They think that the only way to have fun is to pay the first price they see, spend, spend, spend when they arrive at their destination. Fortunately, this is far from the truth.

The following tips can make vacations on a budget a lot of fun:

1. Use the Internet to search for offers. Sites like, and are great for finding the best deals on airfare, accommodation and car rental. To accompany this, many of these sites also offer vacation packages that will surely save you some money. For example, Expedia is in the process of boosting its "Winter Offers" packages that offer hotel and flight to many popular destinations for $ 278 per person.

2. Before you start planning your vacation, you must first set your budget. Do you know how much money you can spend comfortably? Your budget must be established from the beginning so that you do not exceed yourself. If possible, start planning and budgeting your trip a couple of months in advance. This will help ensure an accurate and efficient process.

3. Meals can be expensive. Have you ever thought about packing food to take on vacation? This is an idea that you don't want to ignore. If you drive, this is a particularly good idea. To continue with this, once you arrive at your destination, you should go to the grocery store instead of a five-star restaurant. You can spend a lot of money on groceries, but the fact is that they can last a long time.

4. Travel with others. Have you ever thought about asking another family to accompany you on vacation? By doing this, you will reduce your costs by half from the start. Does it get easier than that? When you vacation with another family, you can save on everything from gasoline to accommodation.

5. Do not marry a single destination. Remember, not all vacation destinations are as expensive as the following. For example, if you live on the east coast of the United States, it will be much less expensive to vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, than in Los Angeles, California. Not only is it closer to your base of operations, but once you arrive, you can also save money. Although you may be interested in taking your dream vacation now, it may not be the best time to do it. Instead, opt for destinations that are known to be cheaper.

6. Drive don't fly. For many, the cost of air is the expense that breaks their budget. Why do you let this happen to you? There are likely to be many top-level vacation destinations within easy driving distance. And with gas prices lower than they have been in a while, you can surely save a lot of money. For more information on gas prices and to plan your trip, visit

7. Hotels can be expensive. If you really want to save money on accommodation, you should consider camping. No matter where you travel, as long as the weather is warm, you can choose to camp instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on accommodation. If you have your own equipment, all you have to do is pay for the site, which can cost only a few dollars a night. For more information about camps in the United States, visit

8. When you arrive at your destination, do not feel obligated to spend money like most tourists. Instead, opt for free or cheap entertainment. There is nothing wrong with sitting on the beach or in the pool. This is not only fun, but it won't cost you a penny. Of course, you may feel the need to tour the area and this is not bad at all. Just be sure to opt for activities that fit your budget.

Do you now think it is possible to vacation with a limited budget? The above tips and links are all you need to plan a vacation, even when the economy is in a bearish phase and so-called experts are telling you to adjust your belt.



Cheap winter flights


Once the holidays end, many people end the winter, and although there are some people who yearn for the winter season and cold weather, most can only take it in small doses. The long winter is much more tolerable if there is a rest somewhere on the horizon. A winter vacation divides winter into categories, pre-vacations and post vacations. Despite all the vacation money spent, a winter vacation can be quite affordable. A good week's rest in the middle of winter for a warmer climate will rejuvenate the mind and spirit. Saving some money will also work wonders for the appeal of a winter getaway. Winter may be one of the best times to travel, but most people do not necessarily think about taking vacations when the old winter appears, or they think vacations are out of reach. Fortunately, winter is the best time of the year to travel; Prices are lower and destinations are plentiful.

There are many cheap flights available in the winter months. The winter months are generally out of season, so air fares are drastically reduced. The airlines realize that everyone's pockets are empty enough for vacations and that very little money is left for vacations. It is guaranteed that keeping the lowest rates during the coldest months of the year, when most people do not travel, will attract some travelers. It is a beneficial situation for everyone involved: the traveler, the airline and the tourist destination.

A cheap flight is usually a flight that has many associated restrictions, but it can be an excellent way to travel and save money as long as the restrictions are met and the cost of the flight is not increased with extras. It is better to plan a winter vacation in advance, so taking advantage of all the special offers available to book in advance will be very easy. Planning ahead will save a lot of money. Searching for the best deal could also get not only a cheap flight but also a discounted hotel rate. There are vacation packages for many warm weather destinations and even some famous ski areas. Many people flock to Hawaii during the winter, but some southern hot spots are also warm throughout the year, such as Florida. South Carolina is beautiful in winter, and still a bit windy and warm. If you are looking for a beautiful snowy weather, then a trip to Colorado awaits you in winter. And when it's winter in the US UU., Do not forget that it is summer on the other side of the world, in Argentina, for example, which makes the winter months good times for international travel. Most destinations are less crowded during the less busy winter months. Rest will really do your body good, and saving money will be an advantage. After those first winter vacations, it can become your favorite time of year to travel.